Eucharist: Protestants v. Catholics

What is the difference between Catholics and Protestants on the Eucharist? Some think it is the presence of Christ–they suppose Catholics believe in a “real” presence and Protestants in a “symbolic” presence. Not at all. Lutherans and Calvinists both believe in a “real presence”–Calvinists stress the spiritual presence of Christ while Lutherans emphasize his bodily…

An Evangelical on Adventists

Roger E. Olson of Baylor University was one of the main speakers at this week’s “Adventism and Arminianism” symposium at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University. He blogs about his experience here.

On Wearing Uniforms

Ohio congressional candidate Rich Iott is under fire for photos of him in German WW2 uniforms. He responds to the criticism by posting photos of himself in many other historical military uniforms. I’m not troubled by this. I think his other photos do put the German uniforms in context. He just likes dressing up in…

Christians and Yoga

Should Christians practice yoga? Is it merely a physical exercise, capable of being divorced from Hindu faith? Albert Mohler got a lot of people upset for his answer to these questions. I think he’s right. I think lots of Hindus would agree with him.

European American Lutheran Association

This is a joke … right? A parody? It’s April 1? No? ┬áNo, it isn’t. It’s another production of the folks who, on Columbus Day, 1992, had German and Swedish Lutherans apologizing for the sins of an Italian working for Spain five hundred years earlier.