On Wearing Uniforms

Ohio congressional candidate Rich Iott is under fire for photos of him in German WW2 uniforms. He responds to the criticism by posting photos of himself in many other historical military uniforms.

I’m not troubled by this. I think his other photos do put the German uniforms in context. He just likes dressing up in uniform.

I’m more troubled by this statement of his:

Rich is a proud member of the Ohio Military Reserve, a component of the Adjutant General’s Department of the State of Ohio, where he holds the rank of Colonel. He is in his 28th year of service. He is a graduate of the USMC Command and Staff College and the USAF Air War College. He has been awarded the highly coveted Israeli jump wings and the Senior Parachutist wings of The Netherlands.

He clearly likes dressing up in uniforms. He’s a member of his state militia (not federally recognized). He claims no real military service. How could he be a graduate of those military schools? How could he claim foreign military honors? THIS is the story that people are missing in the midst of all the upset about one uniform.

One thought on “On Wearing Uniforms

  1. He’s an ex-marine AND air force officer but he doesn’t mention it because his militia service is what he’s REALLY proud of?

    That doesn’t seem likely but if his claim to be a graduate of two military academies is true it’s the only explanation that makes sense.

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