In Statu Confessionis

Pastor Steven Tibbetts introduces a new blog, Lutherans Persisting, by Michael Root of the Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary. Root began with this post: The ELCA is now in crisis. ¬†On the most obvious level, the decisions to permit same-sex blessings and to permit ordinations of persons in such same-sex relations will lead many individuals and…

Behold Now the Kingdom

A pastor’s reflections on missed opportunities at Kennedy’s funeral. The homily–thoroughly Pelagian; no preaching of the gospel, instead patting Teddy on the back for all his “good works.”

Clericalism in Catholicism

The Vatican has rejected the Maryknoll order’s chosen superior for the US because he is a lay brother, and not a priest, demanding that in orders of laity and priests, only priests can be elected superior.