I’ve been posting some of the sermons I’ve been doing on last day events. Here’s one from last year that I would include if I was preaching this series in another place: Armageddon.

The Time of Trouble

Text: Daniel 12:1-3 In our Scripture reading we hear of one of the climactic events of earth’s history—a time of trouble such as never was. It begins with the standing up of Michael—and ends with the resurrection of the dead. As we continue this series on last day events, we turn to the event that…

And the Door Was Shut

I plan on preaching for a while on the subject of Last Day Events. I began last time by speaking about the last message that is to be proclaimed in the power of the Holy Spirit, as spoken of by John in Revelation 14. Three angels, bearing a message said to be the Everlasting Gospel.…

The Everlasting Gospel

From the time that the Seventh-day Adventist Church was founded in the mid-19th century, we’ve seen ourselves as a movement called by God to emphasize neglected truths of the Bible. We often assumed that we share the basics of Christianity with other Christians, and that God has called us to emphasize certain distinctives like the…

The Bloudy Tenent

I picked up a copy of Roger Williams’ seminal work on religious liberty, The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution, at Half-Price Books the other day. Here are his key points, as enunciated at the beginning: First. That the blood of so many hundred thousand souls of protestants and papists, spilt in the wars. of present and…

Using Jesus to Train Airmen to Drop the Bomb

It seems chaplains were teaching “ethics” classes to Air Force officers to convince them it was their moral duty to push the button if so ordered. You can read Chaplain, Captain Shin Soh’s presentation here. The last slide is, “Any Questions?” Yes, I have a few. In discussing the Just War tradition, he seems to…

The Church Impotent

Lee Podles’ has posted his book, The Church Impotent, on-line. You can now read this great analysis of the consequences of “the feminization of Christianity” for free.

Worship the Creator

[Another sermon on the theme of worship, but focusing on who it is we are to be worshiping, preached July 2011, as part of a series on last day events.] What is the key issue in the last days? Seventh-day Adventists have sometimes said it was the Sabbath. But that’s just a piece of it.…

Worship Him

[A sermon preached in August 2010] One of the major themes of Revelation is worship. That’s clear in the Scripture we read this morning: Revelation 14:6-7. As the last days of earth draw near, three angels give final warning messages. The first cries with a loud voice: Fear God, and give glory to him; for…

Lutheranism and the Antichrist

In the wake of the controversy over Michelle Bachmann (a Republican presidential candidate) and the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (her former denomination), and its teaching about the antichrist, Gene Veith offers some helpful perspective.

Anti-Catholic Catholics

Seems that the folks in Illinois who pushed through an anti-Catholic pro-homosexual bill … are all Catholics. So much for the fear that Catholic politicians will be in lockstep conformity with the pope. See Mark Shea’s blog.

Open Embrace

The Torodes became liberal Protestants, rejected the premise of their book, and are now divorced. That doesn’t mean they were wrong. I’d recommend you get their book and read it yourself. Open Embrace: A Protestant Couple Rethinks Contraception.

What NOT to say to cohabiting couples

It seems most couples today are cohabiting before marriage. Fr. Dwight Longenecker gives an example, I think, of what NOT to say. Here’s a better resource, Marriage Preparation and Cohabiting Couples, prepared by the US Catholic bishops back in 1999. I’m not familiar with Protestant treatments of this issue.

Miracles and Canonization

Story about the search for a miracle to canonize Pope Pius XII. Now, we could talk about Pius XII’s role in World War II. But I think the more important question here is this whole matter of miracles. The idea is before someone can be canonized you have to find someone who was miraculously healed…