Miracles and Canonization

Story about the search for a miracle to canonize Pope Pius XII. Now, we could talk about Pius XII’s role in World War II. But I think the more important question here is this whole matter of miracles. The idea is before someone can be canonized you have to find someone who was miraculously healed as a result of asking the dead person/would-be-saint to pray for them. Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that the dead are conscious, can hear your prayers, and do intercede for you. Why should they get credit for a miracle that can only be done by God? And was this person only praying to Pius XII? Were this persons friends and family only praying to Pius XII? What if it was found out that one was praying to Kateri Tekakwitha? Or Francis of Assisi? Who gets credit then? What if some were praying to God the Father? What if some were praying to Jesus? How does the credit get divvied up? Do the saints flip a coin? Do they quibble amongst themselves …?

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