Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

Mary Ryan was raped by a Catholic priest in 1982. She was the only one of multiple plaintiffs who refused to settle it through mediation, demanding her day in court and the right to force the church to disclose what it knew and when. But court after court has refused. She’s appealing to the U.S.…

What Really Sank the Titanic

It turns out the iceberg didn’t sink the Titanic–construction shortcuts did. A secret report had documented this long ago, but it was released only after evidence was found on the ocean bottom that showed the same thing. The Titanic’s Last Secret, in Newsweek.

Six Astrodomes

That’s how much hurricane debris Houston and Harris County will be picking up–enough to fill six astrodomes. 12 million cubic yards. I’m eager for mine to pick up. I’d like to see my tree lawn again.