3 thoughts on “AFA: First Amendment Only for Christians

  1. I tried leaving a response on one of your other posts, but I couldn’t so I’ll leave it here. I just read your post about Walter Veith, and I am so glad there is another Adventist that thinks he’s wrong. What is going on with this movement or whatever? I keep having people tell me all of his crazy conspiracies and it is driving me mad. Thanks for debunking a lot of those things. I knew they sounded too crazy to be true, but I wasn’t even sure where he was getting the misleading information.

    • Thanks. That old post is actually the one that gets the most hits day after day. I set the blog so posts older than two weeks don’t accept comments–I’d be having a nonstop conversation over there if I hadn’t!

      • I believe it. I would really love it if more Adventists pastors would speak up on the matter because I am constantly being questioned for not accepting his beliefs as if they’re fact. I haven’t even looked up or heard half the stuff he has said, but the little bit that I do hear sounds so outrageous that it defies logic. My step-father has actually joined the Veith followers and he was telling me how Roosevelt and Hitler were both Masons and they started WWII… So I asked, “If masons want to take over the world, then why didn’t they just join forces instead of fighting each other?” And then he tried to explain that it was so America could become more powerful and then put the right leaders in place. But that seems like a long way of going about taking over the world. Anyway, thanks.

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