“A More Generous View”

As a response to Phil Johnson’s poster parodies, Emerging Grace provides alternative posters which represent “a more generous view” of “emerging church” principles. Via Emergent Village blog.

And I gotta say, I don’t see what’s really so controversial about most of this “emerging church” stuff, especially as summarized in Grace’s posters. Now, I’m coming at this via a bit of a Rip van Winkle experience, having been separated from evangelical Protestant conversations such as this for many years, and some of the expressions, including the word, “Missional,” just sound weird to me. But the principles outlined here are the basic principles I’ve followed for the past dozen years in young adult and campus ministry.

It seems to me that this “emerging church” stuff is, in a way, just trying to apply to the church at large what those of us in young adult ministry have been learning–assuming that what we’re seeing with the young today is not just a matter of ephemeral generational idiosyncrasies but the beginning of a sociological tsunami that will affect all of society.

2 thoughts on ““A More Generous View”

  1. A lot of the noise made by the emergent church crowd is a denigration of traditional anything. People often take it personally. Partly because it’s often derogatory, and partly because it’s occasionally overly dramatic, people get bent out of shape. It’s a sexy, dramatic thing to say, “The way Christians have been doing this is all wrong, and that there is a truer expression of Christianity in my message.”

  2. Hey Robert. Well, I think that may be true of some. It’s a nebulous label. Others are actually trying to regain a sense of tradition–realizing that tradition goes back more than 100 years. Go to a place like “Ecclesia” in Houston and you’ll find a lot of classical Christian literature in the bookstore (Calvin, Augustine, etc.) not to mention liturgical elements that are much more “traditional” than your typical Baptist worship service.

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