Mainline Churches on Israel

Christianity Today: Mainline churches at odds with Israel. Oddly, it doesn’t mention Palestinian Christians, and the role they’ve played in appealing to their fellow Christians for help.

Tutu Banned from Catholic University

The University of St. Thomas in Minnesota has canceled an appearance by Desmond Tutu. Not because of his pro-abortion and pro-homosexual statements, but because he criticized Israel, comparing their treatment of Palestinians to apartheid (and to what Jews suffered under the Nazis). It’s rather ironic, because on this point he’s not really saying anything different…

Israel and Arab Christians

Israel is cracking down on Christian leaders in the Occupied Territories. Should they leave the OT, whether to go to an Arab country or the US–or even to their office in Jerusalem–they must reapply for a visa to reenter the OT. HCEF reports.