Bach and Franck

Tonight I was back at my former parish, St. Theresa’s in Sugar Land, for the first time in over a year. The occasion: an organ concert by Dr. Gregory Hamilton, performing works of J. S. Bach, Cesar Franck, Dom Paul Benoit, et al. Alan had mentioned it, so I figured it would be a good…

A Great Performance: Sting Unplugged

I never appreciated Eric Clapton until he recorded his “Unplugged” album. That was a revelation to me. Last night, watching PBS’ “Great Performances,” I had a similar revelation. I sat spellbound watching and listening to Sting perform the music of John Dowland (d. 1626) with lutenist Edin Karamazov. Songs from the Labyrinth is the name…

More Sacred Harp Singing

Some very nice Sacred Harp (and other) recordings from the Voices of Village Harmony, Voices of Waco Many more groups here. Some of my favorites: The Morning Trumpet, Wondrous Love, Holy Manna, Beach Spring, Happy Land, Northfield, Never Part Again.

Old Music

Anthology of the American Hymn-Tune Repertory: The Colonial Era to the Civil War, edited by Mark D. Rhoads.

Sacred Harp Music

I love the sound of Sacred Harp music; the rest of the family is split. I was listening to quite a bit of it tonight, including an NPR story, some YouTube clips, and a documentary, Sweet Is the Day: A Sacred Harp Family Portrait. The Sacred Harp was a hymnal (using shape notes) that went…