Legion of Christ Founder leaves a flawed legacy

Jason Berry writes of the legacy of Fr. Marcial Maciel, founder of the Legion of Christ, who died recently in Houston. I wonder, why does no one write of this Houston connection? How long had he been here? How did he spend his days?

“Familia”–a Regnum Christi Story

Many Catholic churches use “Familia,” which is for many people an entry into the Regnum Christi movement. Here’s a story about how the movement sought to drive out the founders of that apostolate, Paul and Libbie Sellors. They wrote the materials before it was adopted by the movement, and sought to retain access to them.…

The Legionaries Market a Film

The Legionaries of Christ and their Regnum Christi movement have produced a film, “Bella,” and are pulling out all stops to promote it. Barbara Nicolosi was surprised by the whirlwind–and by the vehemence of the advocates. Via Life-after-RC blog.

Legionary Newspaper Cries Foul

The National Catholic Register, a newspaper owned by the Legionaries of Christ, is complaining. It sees a difference in the number of papers who reported sexual abuse by priests vs. those who published a recent article about sexual abuse by teachers. It thinks someone is picking on the church. I’m reading another book about sexual…

The Legionaries of Christ

The Legionaries of Christ are suing a noted critic, former Legionary priest John Paul Lennon (REGAIN), demanding that he return certain secret documents, including the order’s constitution, norms for etiquette, etc. Why these things should be secret in the first place is a mystery. Reportedly, the Vatican has directed the order to get rid of…