What’s in a Name?

Why is it … ? An American or European with a white collar job in another country is an “expat.” An American working in Iraq as a truck driver or a mercenary is a “contractor.” An Hispanic from Latin America working in the US is an “alien.”

The Pope, Tancredo, and Immigration

The Wall Street Journal drops its collective jaw at Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo’s views on immigration and the pope. The pope spoke of America’s heritage of welcoming immigrants, even citing the poem on the base of the Statue of Liberty. He didn’t address the issue of illegal immigration. Yet Tancredo railed against him for daring…

Immigration Absurdities

The Immigration police can’t find a way to deal most of the millions of illegal aliens, but there’s one in Houston they are determined to get. In the process, they’re making a judge mad.

The Catholic Church and Illegal Immigration

Rod Dreher comments on attitudes of the Catholic bishops toward illegal immigration. Whatever else the church’s leadership might be teaching new immigrants, respect for American law doesn’t seem to be a high priority. Father Richard John Neuhaus, the First Things editor who is generally pro-immigration, has pointed out that for all their talk about justice…