Arrested for Cheering Their Kids at Graduation

In Rock Hill, SC, six people were arrested for shouting out their children’s names when they received their diplomas at a high school graduation–clapped in irons and hauled out of the ceremony by cops. You think they’d do the same thing at a football game? The story is reported by Fox News which adds, Last…

A Technological Strip Search

The TSA is installing body scanners at 10 airports–scanners that show your entire naked body to the eyes of the machine operator. They say few have complained–like sheep, the masses are willing to walk wherever they’re told.

Big Brother in DC

DC police will set up a roadblock outside the Trinidad neighborhood, checking IDs and asking if people have a legitimate reason to be there. Expect lawsuits. Leaders of the American Civil Liberties Union said yesterday that they will be watching what happens closely and that legal action is likely. “My reaction is, welcome to Baghdad,…

Big Brother Is Watching You

Northeastern University tracked cell phones to see how far their users wandered from home. The study would have been illegal in the US, so they conducted it elsewhere. The conclusion: most people are homebodies.