Closed Hearts and Minds

I’m dismayed at some Christians today. They are so caught up in rightwing conspiracy theories, nationalism, racism, fear and hate that they cannot see Jesus in those who are naked, hungry, sick, or in prison. They have a cynical world view, and in their fear they reach out to teachers and preachers and politicians who reinforce those fears.

I’m reminded of the scene in C. S. Lewis’ book, The Last Battle. The children and some dwarves are tossed into a stable to meet their doom. The children immediately see themselves to be in Aslan’s Country. The dwarves see only the stable.

We’re in the last days. “The love of many shall grow cold,” Scripture says. That’s why the chapter in Matthew 24 about signs of the end is immediately followed by Matthew 25, telling us that the most important issue in the last days will be not whether we recognize Jesus in the sky, but whether we recognize him in the poor.

I always wondered how Christians could be taken in by the last great deception. I wondered how Christians could choose the side of antichrist. I don’t anymore. The issue is faith versus fear; love versus selfish indifference. We have seen so many Christians and even Christian leaders embrace immoral politicians who quote the Bible but live by Ayn Rand. In their fear they embrace power and manipulation and lies. They defend racism and sexism and would build walls in their own hearts and between people.

But God has a people known by their love. God has a people drawn from every nation, kindred, tongue and people. God has a people who will follow the path of Jesus, no matter the cost. God has a people who do not fear, because they live by faith. God has a people not identified with any organization, but called out, a remnant, who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.

The days are short. Which side do you choose?