To Love the City

I recently heard a sermon by a pastor, in a large US city, telling members of his congregation that it was time to leave.  They should seek the Lord, but they should plan on getting out of the city.  To leave the “trash.”  To abandon what is now worthless.

And this was a pastor who says he believes in evangelism!

My city is currently in crisis.  Houston was hit by a major hurricane. Some neighborhoods are still under water, two weeks later.  Some would-be prophets say hurricanes are God’s judgment on a sinful world.

But when I look at my city, I see people coming together.  I see people helping one another.  I see love, compassion, generosity, self-sacrifice.  I see Christian churches open as shelters, open to distribute food, clothing, and other necessities.  I see Christians with a love for the city, and the people in it.

And that is the heart of Jesus.  That’s real evangelism.  That’s the mission of the church.  And it isn’t over.