Robert W. Jenson

In Memoriam, Robert W. Jenson (1930-2017).

Advent Hope

This afternoon I stumbled upon an article by David B. Hart, “The Lively God of Robert Jenson.”

Jenson was one of my professors at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg. In fact, when I was still a student at Loma Linda University, my professor, Paul Landa, knew I was interested in a Lutheran seminary and said this was the place I needed to go, to study with Jenson and Eric Gritsch. He shared with me their book, Lutheranism: The Theological Movement and Its Confessional Writings. That was enough.

Over the course of my years at Gettysburg I took a number of courses with Jens: Lutheran Confessions, Systematic Theology, and Selected Theological Loci: The Doctrine of Creation. He was also one of the advisors of my thesis, together with Gerald Christianson and Eric Gritsch.

Looking back over the years (I graduated in 1989, nearly 25 years ago), Jenson…

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