Charles W. Teel, Jr.

In memoriam, Charles W. Teel, Jr., d. September 1, 2017.

Advent Hope

Some of my Adventist readers will be familiar with the name of Charles W. Teel, Jr. He’s a professor at La Sierra University (which was the La Sierra Campus of Loma Linda University during my time there in ’84-’85).

I first got acquainted with Charles at midnight one night toward the end of my Freshman year at Atlantic Union College. He had called the History Department looking for someone who could assist him in a research project, and I was recommended. He called at midnight because he forgot which way the time difference went. The project he recruited me for was transcribing a scrapbook compiled in the early 1850s by abolitionist Theodore Parker, in the Rare Book collection of the Boston Public Library. He had come across the scrapbook when he was doing his doctoral dissertation some years before on the pastors who protested with Martin Luther King, Jr.


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