The Benedict Option

I read Rod Dreher’s new book, The Benedict Option: A Strategy for Christians in a Post-Christian Nation. Christians, he argues, must realize we have lost the culture wars. He compares the situation to the fall of the Roman empire. Christianity survived through Christians gathering in intentional community, where they preserved their heritage and also had a post from which to evangelize. He compares it to building an ark. See this article he wrote.
And that made me think about W. D. Frazee’s book, Another Ark to Build.  Frazee, following ideas from Ellen White, speaks of the need to establish self-supporting agrarian communities that engage in medical missionary work. You can read Elder Frazee’s biography here. He co-founded the Wildwood Medical Missionary Institute in 1942 (now the Wildwood Lifestyle Center and the Wildwood Center for Health Evangelism). I met him when he came to my home church in New Haven, CT, in 1979. 
Interesting that so many people from different perspectives are drawing upon similar historical sources to call God’s people in these last days to a new way of living and witnessing.