In statu confessionis

The Christian Church is at a crossroads.  We stand “in statu confessionis”–a time when we must confess God’s truth in the face of the world’s opposition.  We must confess God’s sovereignty over all political powers, earthly agendas, and religious claims.  We must confess his universal rule and love against all nationalism and racism. We must confess his Word, which mandates compassion for the widow, the orphan, and the alien, against all who malign the poor, the weak, the defenseless, the refugee.

Now’s the time for Christians to study the Theological Declaration of Barmen, written by the Confessing Church in Germany in 1934.

Now’s the time for Christians to study the book of Revelation, which proclaims Christ’s lordship over all earthly powers, and warns of God’s impending judgment, calling all to worship the Creator, and him alone, and to come out and be separate from the entanglements of Babylon.

Now is the time to study Revelation chapter 13, especially the portion about the beast from the land that looks like a lamb, but roars like a dragon.

Watch, ye saints, with eyelids waking,
Lo, the pow’rs of heav’n are shaking,
Keep your lamps all trimmed and burning,
Ready for your Lord’s returning.

Lo! He comes, lo! Jesus comes;
Lo! He comes, He comes all glorious!
Jesus comes to reign victorious,
Lo! He comes, yes! Jesus comes.

Lo! the promise of your Savior;
Pardoned sin and purchased favor,
Blood washed robes and crowns of glory;
Haste to tell redemption’s story.


Kingdoms at their base are crumbling,
Hark, His chariot wheels are rumbling;
Tell, O tell of grace abounding,
Whilst the seventh trump is sounding.


Nations wane, tho’ proud and stately,
Christ His kingdom hasteneth greatly;
Earth her latest pangs is summing,
Shout, ye saints, your Lord is coming.


Lamb of God! Thou meek and lowly,
Judah’s lion! high and holy;
Lo! Thy bride comes forth to meet Thee,
All in blood washed robes to greet Thee.


Sinners, come, while Christ is pleading,
Now for you He’s interceding;
Haste, ere grace and time diminished
Shall proclaim the mystery finished.