Is Marriage a Religious Doctrine?

Since when is marriage, defined as a union of man and wife, a religious dogma, such that recognition of it is imposition of a religious belief? That’s the argument that some people are making in the wake of Kim Davis’ act of civil disobedience.  They argue that her stance represents an “establishment”of Christianity, and that the attempted redefinition of marriage by five justices to include homosexual unions is really about advancing religious liberty. Nothing could be further from the truth. Marriage is rooted in natural law (a fundamental concept our society has been drifting from). In this case, the basis is human reproductive biology–and as such, it is affirmed by societies of all religions and no religion through all of human history If anything, it is the denial of marriage and of natural law that is a religious doctrine.  Her disobedience to the judge’s decree is in accord with two centuries of thought on civil disobedience, and the obligation of men and women of conscience to disobey human laws when they violate the “Higher Law” of nature or of God.