The Ordination of Women

As we get closer to GC, I’m reposting this article.

Advent Hope

Arguments against the ordination of women in Protestant churches are wrongly framed. The issue is not ordination. That is a smokescreen. What is ordination but laying on hands and appointing someone for a particular work?  The issue is, rather, what kind of work women can do in a church.  And those who talk about “male headship” are right–they are arguing for particular roles of men and women.  They want men to be in charge in the family and in the church. They don’t want women to be spiritual leaders.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church does not presently “ordain” women to the ministry. And yet, there are Adventist women in ministry. They serve as assistant and associate pastors, as pastors, as leaders of conference, union, division, and General Conference ministries. One is a conference president.  Those who are pastors can baptize, can lead communion, can preach, can marry–because they are ordained as…

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