On the death of Ronald Reagan

Ten years ago, Ronald Reagan died. I heard him speak in Rockford, IL, in 1976. I didn’t care for him as president (he was in office during my years in college and grad school). I never voted for him. I disagreed with his Central American policy: the illegal wars, the CIA torture, Oliver North’s escapades trying to get around Congress, trading arms to Iran to get hostages out, and the constant denial about the role of US combat troops in Central America (finally admitted by Clinton, who honored the dead of those wars at Arlington). I saw some of the results on visits to El Salvador and Guatemala, and heard the stories. The deaths of Oscar Romero, of Jean Donovan, Dorothy Kazel, Maura Clarke, and Ita Ford had occurred on Jimmy Carter’s watch, but he continued backing the regime that was responsible for their deaths, and of countless others. This is his legacy, which must not be forgotten.