More on dogfights near cheese farms …

An on-line publication wonders whether a church should be decorated with the fleur-de-lis. A conspiracist sees ominous signs in Pac-Man. Church boards angrily debate carpet color. Those with nothing better to do try to find a new interpretation of Daniel’s 1335 days.

Is this what Christianity is about?

I minister with soldiers–with men and women who have been in battle, or are going into battle, or who are haunted by the scars of battle. I minister with those tormented by thoughts of  suicide–I did 12 suicide interventions in 2012, and that year also lost two soldiers I knew to suicide. I teach a two day workshop on suicide intervention training (ASIST), and taught it three times in 2012 and four times while deployed to Kuwait. I did another suicide intervention two weeks ago. I’ll teach ASIST again next weekend. These are life and death issues. I don’t have time for arguing about a fleur-de-lis, or watching Walter Veith, or giving any thought to so much silly and petty stuff that Christians waste their time with when they could be ministering with compassion to those in need, or speaking a word of promise to those in doubt.