Halfway Through

I’m halfway through the Brigade Chaplain Course at Fort Jackson. We have the weekend off, so I’m taking advantage of the break to see nearby family. Yesterday I drove to Fort Bragg, NC, to see a niece and nephew, and his wife. I went to Fort Bragg before I met them, and saw the 82d Airborne Division Museum and Division Memorial Chapel, where I had worked when I was there for two months during Operation Desert Shield. They were the only two places I recognized from 1990!

Division Memorial Chapel, Fort Bragg.

82d Airborne Museum

The aircraft behind the 82d Airborne Museum. The sign is serious–I counseled a soldier who got drunk and broke into a plane and was arrested by the MPs sitting in the cockpit. He couldn’t understand why they were mad! (And he was on 24 hour recall, preparing to go down range!)

Got back late, and ended up having a long chat with a classmate in the lobby.

Today my brother Jim and his family are coming over from Atlanta.

In the e-mail–a copy of my orders, ordering me to active duty (for a period not to exceed 400 days). And confirmation that next month I’ll be attending the Combat Medical Ministry course in San Antonio.

But before that, four more days of this course.