A Season of Anticipation

Thanksgiving is over, and Advent begins this weekend. It’s a season of being thankful for God’s blessings, and anticipating his future. I am in the process of saying goodbye to the two churches I have pastored since the summer of 2009, North Houston and Spring Creek Seventh-day Adventist Churches. The new year will bring a new mission–my National Guard unit is preparing for deployment to Kuwait.

I had been in the US Army Reserve as a chaplain candidate in the last 1980s, and in the Vermont National Guard as a chaplain in the early 1990s. I returned to service in September 2009, serving for a little over two years as battalion chaplain, 1-149 Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, then seven months as brigade chaplain, 72d Infantry Brigade Combat Team. In August I was transferred back to Aviation, to be brigade chaplain, 36th Combat Aviation Brigade.

So I will be having a few more things to blog about. Stay tuned.