House Hearings on Religious Liberty

Various groups are making their voices heard. The US Catholic Bishops have  a new committee on Religious Liberty–Bishop Lori of Bridgeport testified on their behalf.

The liberal groups deny that some things are really threats to religious liberty. Barry Lynn:

But, with all due respect to my colleagues on this panel, the real and imminent threats we face today are not of the sort they espouse. Indeed, what they see as threats can easily be characterized as attempts to obtain sweeping exemptions that harm the rights of innocent third parties; attempts to seek privileges reserved for religious entities even though they are engaged in commerce, acting as a traditional business, or serving as a government provider of services; and attempts to obtain religious exemptions even when such exemptions could deny others their fundamental rights, health, or even life.

In a similar vein, ACLU justifies the denial of religious liberty to some groups:

Catholic hospitals have been willing to put women’s lives at risk. Often, they interpret national guidelines for Catholic healthcare to require doctors to delay or deny emergency medical procedures for women. …
Catholic hospitals serve a wide range of patients, many of whom have no access to other medical care, yet USCCB is now advocating for a bill that would sanction this dangerous practice by making a hospital’s obligation to provide appropriate emergency care secondary to its decision to refuse to allow its doctors to provide abortion care.

Religiously affiliated child placement agencies that receive state funding are asking a court to excuse them from the law that mandates placement decisions for foster and adoptive children be made solely on the basis of the safety and well-being of the children—the best interests of the child. These agencies wish to deny placements with same-sex couples because of the religious beliefs of the agencies and their affiliated religious bodies, regardless of whether a same-sex couple might be the best match for the particular child in their care.

These liberal groups want to restrict religious liberty to what happens in the worship service, and will deny any freedom that detracts from their imposition of liberal attitudes to homosexuality and abortion.