The Alabama Immigration Law Does What …?

Catholic and liberal Protestant bishops in Alabama are making all kinds of hysterical accusations against that state’s new immigration law.

“This new Alabama law makes it illegal for a Catholic priest to baptize, hear the confession of, celebrate the anointing of the sick with, or preach the word of God to, an undocumented immigrant. Nor can we encourage them to attend Mass or give them a ride to Mass. It is illegal to allow them to attend adult scripture study groups, or attend CCD or Sunday school classes. It is illegal for the clergy to counsel them in times of difficulty or in preparation for marriage. It is illegal for them to come to Alcoholic Anonymous meetings or other recovery groups at our churches.”

That’s from a letter sent by Catholic Archbishop Thomas Rodi of Mobile, also posted on the archdiocesan webpage.

Color me incredulous.

Here’s the text of the law. Someone want to help me find where it says what he claims he says?