Sojourners Upsets Liberal Protestants

Sojourners had been seen as a leader of “progressive” Christianity because of its apparently liberal positions on economic and peace issues. But Jim Wallis and company always claimed to be evangelical. They never bowed the knee to either the abortion or the homosexual lobby. They recently reminded the liberals of that when they rejected a pro-gay ad. Now the leftists are “shocked, shocked!” to find that Wallis really meant it when he said they were evangelical. And the liberals are out for blood. Pray for Sojourners, that it may be rooted in a truly Biblical and evangelical vision for peace and justice.

2 thoughts on “Sojourners Upsets Liberal Protestants

  1. I am Adventist and I have to disagree with you I am personally a “Liberal Protestant ” and these statements are untrue and just plain wrong

    • Which statements? Did you read the article? I’m not sure how an Adventist can be considered a liberal Protestant … even the most liberal of Adventists is pretty conservative.

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