One thought on “Annulments and the Catholic Church

  1. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, claims to be a duck, consummates itself as a Duck, and, yes, later poops like a duck… chances are it IS a duck…. Roman Catholic “annulments” are nothing more than candy-coated “holy” divorces … and yes, if such a farce were actually a valid “nullification” of a marriage (i.e. “acknowledging” that a marriage never truly occurred in the first place) than it stands to REASON then any children resulting from such a “non-marriage” union would then have to be considered illegitimate… but I suppose if one believes a cracker and some drunk grape juice magically becomes the literal body and blood of our Saviour than I suppose it’s not any more fanciful to suppose a marriage isn’t a marriage but the kids are somehow still legitimate. 😉

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