One thought on “Medjugorje: “Absolutely Diabolical”

  1. Hope all’s well!

    I know you probably have a different take on Marian apparitions generally, but while the good bishop is quite vitriolic in his statements, I think there is truth behind them. Consider the other major apparitions since 1800. Mary appeared for a limited time, carrying a specific message. The seers did not report anything Mary said in opposition to Church teaching. The seers entered religious life upon reaching an appropriate age; it was clear they had been spiritually affect by the event. They lived prayerful, saintly lives (many are now saints or blesseds).

    In contrast, the Medj seers have weekly apparitions for years on end. Mary does not carry any specific message. The seers at times have disregarded Church teaching or discipline. They seers themselves do not lead particularly noteworthy lives. And at times when interest waned, they suddenly came up with “new” messages that reinvigorated the stream of pilgrims.

    In all, there’s too many weird things going on to not be suspicious about the intent of the seers or the authenticity of their claims.

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