Emasculation in Translation

See Paul McCain’s post, Avoid Gender Neutrality Like the Plague–about translation issues in the Bible and the Book of Concord, and ideologically based decisions to translate “men” as “people.”

This past Sabbath, I was preaching a “men’s ministry” sermon (focusing on Joseph’s example), and wanted to close with a traditional hymn, “Rise Up, O Men of God.” But even the hymnal of my conservative denomination was warped by a feminist agenda. The handbook which explains the backgrounds of hymns (and editorial decisions) is honest about the problems the liberals on the committee had with the hymn–it only addresses men (and very specifically so; it was written to stir men up). They only saw two options–cut the hymn out or cut it up. They chose the latter. Men only get 25% of the verses  in our botched version (not even half!). So instead of having one hymn out of hundreds suitable for a men’s ministry emphasis, we have zero. So much for inclusivity! Thankfully, we can use PowerPoint and inserts to project the correct words. But the hymnal on this point is an embarrassment.