The Goddess of Tepeyac

It’s that time of year when Mexicans, pious Catholic or not, demonstrate their devotion to “Our Lady of Guadalupe.” The myth is that Mary appeared to an Indian, Juan Diego, and as proof, imprinted her image on his cloak. History and science have demonstrated that it’s a fraud. Even the caretaker of the shrine in the 1990s admitted as much. There’s nothing in the words of the “Virgin” that sound anything like the words of the historic Mary we read about in the gospels; this “Virgin” doesn’t point people to her Son and say, “Do what he tells you.” Like other apparitional virgins, this one is more interested in miracles that point to herself and building programs. And the faithful come out, and sing songs to her, and give her flowers–whether they otherwise come to church or not. She is embraced by nationalists and Aztec dancers and gangbangers. The simplest test, though, is this: Where in her words is Jesus Christ proclaimed? If he’s absent, she’s a fraud.