Blue in Advent

Anglicans, Lutherans, and all non-Romans–please enjoy using the beautiful blue vestments and paraments associated with Advent. These things are matters of human tradition, and all about freedom in your traditions, not law as it is for some others.

4 thoughts on “Blue in Advent

  1. I like blue vestments when I attend Spanish-language Masses in Advent and Spanish Marian memorial Masses… 😛

    All for freedom of tradition—when, you know, it’s actually a tradition.

    • It is an old tradition, from both the Sarum missal and from Scandinavian traditions–hence the source of blue vestments in Anglicanism and Lutheranism. Romans saw the catalogs (like C.M. Almy) and said, “That looks much better than what we have!”

      • I think we can agree that the current fashions in Roman Catholic vestment design are lacking in many ways, not just the color choices.

        As for use of blue, I do like it and don’t mind its use for Marian feasts. I also like the old Sarum Rite, particularly in its modern re-institution as the Anglican Use. If blue made it back in there, I wouldn’t object. But the vast majority of Western Catholics are Roman, and blue does not have a traditional place in the Roman rite, Spanish peculiarities resulting from influences of the Mozarabic rite notwithstanding.

        Hope all’s well. 2 finals down, 1 more to go. Then one more semester until I become a practicing lawyer. Scary.

      • No, what’s scary is that you will still have to take the bar. Then you will wait in agony to hear whether you passed. And then, if you pass it, you will become a practicing lawyer. 🙂

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