Getting Serious about Diet

Maybe it’s time to start a food blog. Or maybe not quite, but I’m in the mood to do some blogging about food.

I think I’ve decidedly gone vegetarian now–even largely vegan. The final straw was a recent physical that showed my cholesterol was still at 211, despite a largely vegetarian diet. The problem was, it was a lacto-ovo vegetarian regime, with emphasis on the lacto and the ovo! Parmagiano-Reggiano and other delicacies from the cheese counter at Whole Foods Market just won’t lower cholesterol, I’m afraid.

Another factor was a recent course I took at Andrews University, the Natural Remedies and Hydrotherapy Workshop, coordinated by Gerard Damsteegt, and taught by staff from places like Uchee Pines, Wildwood, and Weimar. This  included lots of reading, including The China Study and Proof Positive.

More to come as I go on this adventure ….

3 thoughts on “Getting Serious about Diet

  1. Hear, hear! Sadly, the emphasis in my lacto-ovo vegetarian diet has always been on the lacto and ovo as well. My cholesterol is not quite as high as yours, but it simply cannot be good for me. I have tried to go vegan a number of times without much success.

    Maybe it’s time for another try. But it takes a whole lifestyle change – which includes not eating late at night anymore!

  2. By the way: I am starting a new sermon series on health this week and I have been thinking about getting Nedley’s book, “Proof Positive.” Would you recommend it? Is it more encyclopedic in nature?

  3. Yes, it’s very comprehensive. A little repetitive. But it is good. But it’s expensive–I found it at alibris for 50% off (used, but in excellent condition).

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