3 thoughts on “Seminary Life

  1. Well, if you mean to draw any comparisons between this guy’s seminary experience, and our denominations seminary, than his experience could not be any more drastically different than my seminary experience at Andrews. With the exception of a few classes and a few teachers (who were more boring than bad), I had nothing but a fully positive experience there.

    If you are simply talking about the denomination as a whole, I am sure an argument could be made that there are SOME similarities.

    • Not meaning anything specific. I’ve only taken some intensives at ours (and taught one), so can’t judge on the basis of that. Haven’t heard any negative. Just asking the question. 🙂

  2. I’d have to say the same as Shawn Brace. I found my professors at the seminary at AU quite more intellectually challenging than I’d expected, encouraging us to dig deeper and discard all shallow thinking. The only real drawback was the social atmosphere, which, from what I’ve seen, has made a marked improvement since they doubled the size of the building, letting much more light in and creating community space.

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