Seventh-day Adventists, like most other Christians, have their own insider language. For instance, many Adventists, when speaking with one another, will refer to other Christians as “Sunday-keepers.” I’ve never met a “Sunday-keeper” who would use the term of himself, though. It’s kind of funny, when you think about it, that Adventists gloss over all the major differences between Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses and Baptists and Presbyterians and Lutherans and Orthodox and Catholics and group them into this one vast category. It’s because of our eschatological perspective, of course. We see that the issue of worship will be the great issue of the last days, and the Sabbath is at the center of Biblical worship. But the fact is, few Christians of any denomination are “Sunday keepers.” Only those of the Reformed tradition believe that the Sabbath was transferred to Sunday, and that Sunday is to be kept as the Sabbath. Lutherans and Catholics always had a much looser attitude toward Sunday. And today–except for going to mass (which you can do on Saturday afternoon), Catholics treat Sunday as just a part of that great secular festival of The Weekend. See one priest’s lamentation. So, if it’s going to be an issue between Adventists and other Christians, something is going to have to change–Sunday is going to have to start meaning something to “Sunday keepers.”