4 thoughts on “Houston’s New Age Catholic University?

  1. The other day I watched the video on PBS how REIKI, the Japanese healing practice has been used by Catholic nun. It has been widely promoted in Catholic hospitals, retreat centers and schools, until U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Doctrine dismissed it as superstition and inappropriate for use in Catholic institutions. But I’m afraid that it won’t dissuade many from using it. I have noticed that once people start going in that direction, it is hard to turn back.


    It seems that New Age is now permeating every Christian denomination, non-Christian and secular realm as well. No one is immune. Not even Adventists. Labyrinths are popping up on our conferences and congresses, too.

    Book seems interesting. I’d like to read it.

    • Yep, you’re right. Pacwa’s book is very good–he looks at how some of these practices got into Christian churches (like the Enneagram, which he was once into).

  2. This is a very sad story, but as Fr. Pacwa is fond of relating it is an old story and many in authority are not at all receptive to what he has to say. Let me take that back, it’s not sad it’s infuriating.

  3. Funny, the reputation of UST I’ve remembered from my days of going to college in Houston was that it was the gayest college in town (I had a friend who was propositioned there by another male while visiting the campus as a prospective student, for example). But never a bastion of Orthodoxy.

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