Irish Liturgy

It’s almost an oxymoron. See Phil Lawler’s description of an 11 minute mass (!!) he attended. I don’t think he should have been shocked. I’ve seen a similar thing (if not so extreme) in the majority of Catholic parishes I’ve visited in the US (especially in New England). The attitude is, get it over with quick, don’t sing, don’t bother preaching (just tell a couple jokes and call it a “homily”).

The book, Why Catholics Can’t Sing, blames the Irish. Seems appropriate.

What do you think, Liam? 🙂

One thought on “Irish Liturgy

  1. O, please a link to the Lawler story!
    It was much easier, I understand, in the older rite. It might have been necessary in the 17th & 18th centuries when mass was held in secret but not today.
    The one plus of the 11 minute mass is that it leaves no room for improvisation. There are some parishes that offer good liturgies and good preaching but they are very few and far between.
    Preaching is still appalling, 9 out of 10 priests give the impression that they are not even trying.

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