2 thoughts on “American Justice

  1. I agree with the last sentence of the first article. Isn’t there freedom of speech? Unless they are doing it on someone’s private property.

    As for the second story: this is ludicrous.

    • It isn’t freedom of speech to scream obscenities at a funeral of a stranger. These folks should be prosecuted under whatever laws can be used or written–harassment, invasion of privacy, disrespect of the dead, desecration of a cemetery, noise, trespassing, etc. There can be no circumstances that can justify such “speech,” in my book. If those who would murder their unborn children can invoke a “right to privacy,” surely those who are grieving children they loved and nurtured and cared for can invoke it in time of grief.

      If this guy wants to speak, let him publish a paper. Or stand on a soapbox in a public park. Or simply invite those interested in his opinions to come to his church (which currently consists only of his family members).

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