Are We Worshipping?

Hugo Mendez (former SDA, turned Catholic) has a series of reflections on Adventist worship (starting with this post). He raises some interesting issues. I’ll be doing a post (or series of posts) sometime soon on this topic myself; not so much to rebut Hugo, as to offer my own thoughts, inspired by his critique.

3 thoughts on “Are We Worshipping?

  1. I am loving this conversation thread that your link led me to. I have a whole bundle of opinions myself on this topic and think it is a great springboard for discussion. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Huh, I’ve thought about this myself as well. While I certainly don’t think Catholic-style high liturgy is necessary for worship, I share some of the author’s initial sentiments about the lack of prayer in services (would outsiders walk into a Church service and say “this is a house of prayer?”) and the way that many of our hymns sung during the service are not addressed to God.

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