Spiritual But Not Religious. Right.

The Center for Progressive Christianity has a children’s curriculum out. TCPC is made up of a bunch of old school liberals: UCC, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, ELCA, etc. It says of this curriculum:

There is little progressive Christian curriculum that is inclusive, inter-spiritual, joy-full, compassionate, and intelligent. In fact, many people are finding that the curriculum is just as inspiring to the teachers as it is for the children.

The curriculum is free from dogma and creed and does not make reference to the atonement/sacrifice issue that is in classical Christianity. It treats Jesus as a teacher of a way to live a fulfilling and spiritual life. It respects and celebrates the many wisdom teachings that exist and focuses on a joyful path and finding God within all.

Hat tip, Paul McCain.

On a similar theme, see David Mills’ article, “Spirituality without Spirits,” at First Things.

And The Onion has a nice spoof–what if a priest were religious, but not spiritual?