Creation and Salvation

Some suggest that the controversy over the teaching of evolution at LaSierra University is irrelevant to the question of salvation.

But Creation has much to do with Salvation!

Creation tells us that we were created by a loving Father, who created mankind sinless and deathless and put us in Eden; that man fell, and this fall brought sin and death. Salvation tells us that Christ took that sin upon himself, and paid the wages of sin; that he will fully redeem us and the world, and banish death and sin. If death existed for hundreds of millions years on this earth before that man sinned, then death is not “the wages of sin,” and Christ’s death could not pay it. If Christ didn’t pay the wages of sin, we have no hope of eternal life. If Christ can’t be trusted as the Word through whom the Father created, he can’t be trusted as the Word which will restore all things.

This IS central to salvation!

And let’s ask some further questions of these evolutionists who accept death as part of the natural order of things. What do they think of salvation–was Jesus’ death an atoning sacrifice, or just a demonstration of God’s love? What do they think about God’s foreknowledge–does God know the end from the beginning, or is his knowledge “open” or incomplete? What do they think about sexuality–did God create mankind as male and female, and uniquely bless this fruitful union, or do they support “equality” for other arrangements? What do they think of Jesus–is he the only begotten Son, eternally begotten of the Father, who for us men and for our salvation became man, or is he a human who was uniquely close to God and designated God’s son as example to us? Will Jesus come again in glory–or will we evolve into a higher state of god-consciousness and justice? Will he truly judge the living and the dead–or will we all, karma-like, just find ourselves reaping natural consequences?

The recent statement of the Seminary faculty on creation is also worth reading: Andrews Statement

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