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  1. My brother, a recently admitted seminarian in a good Texas diocese, would be happy to tell you that while he got those questions, he got about 3 times more discussing his prayer life and commitment to authentic Catholicism.

    Oh that’s right, that part of the story isn’t supposed to be told. Oh darn. Silly me for letting the cat out of the bag.

    • What? You think the NYT didn’t accurately report the story? (Please read ironic tone in that–I do not think the NYT is known for its accurate religion coverage!)

      Still, had anyone asked me those questions, I would have said, “NOYB!”

  2. As someone who has interviewed with an archdiocese twice, suffice to say: yes, one’s faith journey, prayer life, orthodoxy, and passion for ministry, encompass most of the questions asked a prospective seminarian. These other questions are explored, however. I thought you’d be glad to note dioceses are being more forward addressing the issues behind the sex abuse crisis.

    To read a NY Times article and conclude that vocations offices ask “apparently nothing about conversion or faith in Jesus” is silly. The article is singly focused on the sexual issues (as a mainstream media report would be). A Times piece cannot be expected to offer a comprehensive vision of the spiritual concerns at play.

    So in reply to your question: “You think the NYT didn’t accurately report the story?,” I would say: Yes, it accurately reported that dimension of the application process. It omitted all other spiritual concerns, explorations, etc.

  3. Please note (to those unsure what syllable to accent in this post): I often slam the media for its reporting of religion. Read what I wrote as a slam on the NYT, primarily. And read it secondarily as a slam on a process that still sounds the wrong notes. A couple of folks suggested I had an “anti-Catholic” spin. Really? Read what Mike Hayes, a good Catholic, said, in the link I gave. Read the comments on his post.

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