I’m not able to access my Facebook page to give updates there, but just to let my friends who read this blog know that I got safely to Idaho, where I will spend the next two weeks with my National Guard unit on annual training.

I’m chaplain for the 1-149th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion–a unit of Apache helicopters. We’re up here in Idaho so that the pilots can practice gunnery–shooting targets with machine gun, rockets, and hellfire missiles. My job is to provide pastoral care and counseling, which I do by maintaining a ministry of presence (which means roaming all over the base to all the places our soldiers are working), having some office hours, doing midweek and weekend services. We arrived yesterday and had a full day today. After seven months with this unit, I finally had the chance to see our helicopters flying and shooting–I’ll be taking some pictures and video in the days to come, though won’t be able to upload them until I return home.

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