New Archbishop for Los Angeles

The much anticipated announcement of a coadjutor-archbishop of Los Angeles has been made: Cardinal Roger Mahony will be succeeded by Archbishop Jose Gomez, currently in San Antonio. I’m happy for Jose, who is a friend of mine. He was a priest in Houston when I first met him, soon after I arrived in Houston. He is a priest of Opus Dei, and I had heard that members of Opus Dei were involved in outreach at Rice University, and wanted to get to know them. He was the first priest of Opus Dei I got to know–and it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. He shattered all the stereotypes I had of Opus Dei. (I eventually became a “Co-operator” with The Work, before returning to my Adventist roots). I wish him and the Catholics of Los Angeles well.

One thought on “New Archbishop for Los Angeles

  1. Abp. Gomez is a good, holy man. Unfortunately, I fear he will be eaten by the wolves in LA, especially if Card. Mahoney has an active “retirement.” I don’t know that he’s outspoken enough and committed enought to action to put an end to the craziness in LA.

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