“Buddhist Extremists” and Other Hoaxes

I got an e-mail this morning (3/10/2010) that said,

Please pray for churches in India. Buddhist extremists in India burned down 20 churches last night. Tonight they plan to destroy 200 churches in the province of Olisabang. They plan to kill 200 missionaries within 24 hours.

This is a hoax. There are no “provinces” in India, there are states. There is no state of Olisabang. There are no Buddhist extremist groups in India that I’m aware of (though there are some in Sri Lanka, and there have been reports of anti-Christian violence there in recent years) .

There have been violent attacks in the Indian state of Orissa; these have been perpetrated by Hindu extremists, however. This anti-Christian violence is a genuine cause of concern–but no one is helped by passing on hoax e-mails without checking the facts.

Update–Nearly five years after this, genuine Buddhist extremism is hitting the news.

11 thoughts on ““Buddhist Extremists” and Other Hoaxes

  1. Bill, so did I. I have forwarded this to friends in India who may have connections that can reduce the impact of such hoax emails….. you aare entirely correct about both “the Province of Olisabang” and “Buddhist extremists” — the latter being an oxymoron of major proportions as all followers of the Buddha are committed to peace and non-violence. — a Quaker Friend in Baltimore

  2. i was astonished when i heard about this news..it really alarmed our church but however we are stiil praying for them

  3. While I would agree that the email was a hoax,I will not say that Buddhist extremists do not exist. Read about the life of Sadhu Sundar Singh a Indian of the punjabi community who was formerly Hindu but latter had an experience of Christ. Because of the “non-violent nature” of Buddhists the book says which prevented them from torturing anyone they threw him into a well. Quite merciful it appears. At the end of the day the Bible does proclaim that Jesus alone is the prince of peace . And besides Buddhism has no explicit mention of God so its demons they worship. Research the beliefs of the Dalai Llama.

  4. I am so aware of hoax that the first thing I did was to check to see if this was true. I just this one tonight. Although this will not prevent me from praying for the christians in India I wish there was a way to prevent these hoax. Thanks for your info.

  5. buddhist are supposedly peace loving people. and how could they burn 200 churches when the major religion there is hinduism. I didn’t believe that news right away.

  6. i would believe if the news said they’d burn down 200 temples coz, that’s the majority of houses of worship in india

  7. Hi there I received the e-mail as well and it was forwarded to me, but it was from a Pastor that my church knows over in India. So I am totally confused on this matter because Christian Persecution is happening, and happening even now as I am writing this.

    • No matter it is true or just a lie/hoax, but let us pray to all the believer of Christ, so we can show the world that we are living by His Mercy and only..


  8. I was taken by surprise when this email was send in by my friend. But I thought about it and had to recheck this news because I had to pass it on. I’m glad i didn’t.

    Well, that doesn’t mean that we should stop praying for the ones who are being persecuted for being a christian. The best thing we can do for each other is ‘pray for one another’.


  9. ‘Should anyone speak disparagingly of me, the Dhamma or the Sangha you should not get angry, resentful or upset because of that. For if you did you would not be able recognize if what they said was true or not. Therefore, if others speak disparagingly of me, the Dhamma or the Sangha you should explain whatever is incorrect saying: “This is not correct, that is not true, we do not do this, that is not our way” ‘ (Dhammapad.I,1-3).

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