Another Marian Dogma?

Inside the Vatican magazine and Thomas More College are sponsoring a forum on Mariology, addressing the question of whether the Catholic church should proclaim a fifth Marian dogma, namely, that she is Co-redemptrix and Mediatrix of all graces.

Presently, the Church has proclaimed four dogmas regarding the Mother of Jesus: (1) her maternal role in the birth of Christ, the Son of God, making her truly Mother of God (“Theotokos,” Council of Ephesus, 431); (2) her Perpetual Virginity (First Lateran Council, 649); (3) her Immaculate Conception (Pius IX, “ex cathedra” proclamation, 1854); and (4) her Assumption into heaven (Pius XII, “ex cathedra” proclamation, 1950).

They’re holding this conference in Rome, “in a meeting room close to St. Peter’s Square” to give it greater visibility–but note, it is not in the Vatican. And also note, “The Pontifical Marian Academy was invited to participate in the dialogue, but later notified Inside the Vatican magazine that members of the Academy would not be participating.”

Who is participating?

Panelists for the March 25 Day of Dialogue will include Archbishop Ramon Arguelles of Lipa, Philippines, president of the Marian-Mariological Society of the Philippines, Carmelite Father Enrique Llamas, president of the Mariological Society of Spain. Also presenting will be Dr. Judith Gentle, Anglican theologian, author, and member of Our Lady of Walsingham Mariological Society from the United Kingdom.

In other words, a “who’s who” of folks you’ve never heard of. Not even “the usual suspects,” like Mark Miravalle.

Not only is this movement not gaining momentum, it seems to be slipping.

Hat tip, Alan.