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I started the first version of this blog on June 1, 2002–my son’s 13th birthday. I was encouraged to start by a friend, who had pointed me to some examples of some Catholic bloggers. It was the height of the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic church, and the blog provided an outlet to discuss some of that. I was working for a Catholic archdiocese at the time, and was emotionally torn by the revelations–and by the role some friends played in the scandal.

I also blogged on ecumenical and interfaith issues, and among this blog’s  major contributions were discussing the controversy over “The Passion” (that led to an invitation to write a chapter for a book on the subject) and exposing a prominent Catholic apologist, Robert Sungenis, for plagiarizing antisemitic sources (even a Nazi tract!) in a tirade against the US Catholic bishops.

Later, it provided a venue for me to discuss some of the issues that led me to return to the Adventist faith in which I was raised.

This blog was an important outlet for me when I worked for the archdiocese. When I returned to pastoral ministry, I found my time for blogging being diminished; when I became senior pastor this summer, it pretty much evaporated completely.

I’ve enjoyed much of the blogging experience. It resulted in some great friendships.

And, on the flip side, it exposed me to some wacky attacks from fringe folks in various denominations. I really didn’t need that.

I had said good-bye once, but then kept up some blogging. I think this blog has reached it’s end, though.  I keep up with friends on Facebook. I still have my main webpage, The Oak Tree, which has been going over a dozen years. But my time is filled with two churches and a National Guard battalion.

So, I bid my farewell.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and, in the immortal word of Dan Rather, courage!


Update: February 16, 2010. OK, so I took a six week break. I don’t think I’ll blog as much as I did in the past, but keep it on your blog reader for those posts that will appear from time to time.

4 thoughts on “On Blogging

  1. Bye Bill,

    I enjoyed your blog when you was catholic. If I didn’t understood your turning back to adventism (hey, I’m still catholic ;-D ), I very much appreciated your contributions, your search for truth, your high sensitivity, especially in the church scandales.

    Go on preaching Gospel (oK , even if adventist ‘s one), searching the truth .

    I hope one day … I stop here : the following words will be useless and you won’t agree, of course.
    God bless you !

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