2 thoughts on “The Manhattan Declaration

  1. I am perplexed at this point as to why the Adventist Church has been quiet on the Manhattan Declaration. This is especially true when you consider our almost seeming obsession with current events as they relate to the union or proposed union of Church of State. As an Adventist for past twenty three years I have studied in-depth the Bible as we well as the writings of our Church founders. While I am keenly aware of last day events with regard to the union of the Protestant and the Catholic churches, I have reviewed this document and do not see any major inconsistencies with my own beliefs. I feel as a Christian (because I consider myself a follower of Christ First) and secondly as an Adventist that the morale assault upon our country is appalling. I understand that there are those within our denomination who would make such claims as; well you shouldn’t watch TV in the first place. However, I live in the real the world, and I am tired of Hollywood pushing their lack of moral values on every TV show that comes across the air waves. The question is often asked why we are losing our youth in such large numbers. I personally think it is because many in our denomination have stuck their heads in the sand and ignore what is going on around them. Sure I realize that eventually that this will become twisted in a direction that will be contrary to my beliefs. However, I for one think it is time for Adventists to get off the fence. I personally signed this document after doing hours of research on the web trying to find out where my Church Leaders stand on the document, only to find that after nearly a week of searching they were silent. I guess someone at the Conference Headquarters is still sitting in the back room hacking out the official reply for the conference. In this day and age, it is time to stop letting a bunch detached and possibly misinformed people decide what we as Adventist Christians should think. Have we lost the ability to think for ourselves? I was teaching a Sabbath School class awhile back and one of the people remarked that every denomination that ever was ran a ground when they became an ism, such as in Advent-ism. I think in this country we have lost sight of what we are here to do. I pray that God will ready this movement for the final out-pouring of His Spirit in the Latter Rain. In the mean time, I am keeping my head above the sand. I support the efforts of Christians of all faiths to do that which is right and just. I believe Adventists should be on board with this document, after all how do we really think this will all end? Do we believe that we will someday stand in opposition to laws that are passed by the unjust? Maybe this is the time begin living what we teach. Is it dangerous to stand with those who someday may persecute you? I submit to you that Christ stood with the same people who latter called for his crucifixion. I doubt the person in the back room at the conference penning the “official church” reply would agree with me but I say stand and be heard, least you find yourself trembling in the corner waiting on the Church to draft its official statement. May God bless you through the Lord and Savior, as God works to ready a people for the final outpouring His Spirit.

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