Same Sex Marriage vs. Religious Freedom

Laws permitting same-sex “marriage” are fundamentally an attack on religious liberty. Those advancing them seek to put those religious institutions disagreeing with them out of business. This was clear in Boston and San Francisco, where Catholics were forced out of the adoption business. It’s happening again in Washington, DC.  The animus against Christian teaching is clear:

In separate interviews Wednesday, council member Mary M. Cheh (D-Ward 3) referred to the church as “somewhat childish.” Another council member, David A. Catania (I-At Large), said he would rather end the city’s relationship with the church than give in to its demands.

“They don’t represent, in my mind, an indispensable component of our social services infrastructure,” said Catania, the sponsor of the same-sex marriage bill and the chairman of the Health Committee.

The Washington Post‘s opinion of traditional moral teaching has already been made known.

3 thoughts on “Same Sex Marriage vs. Religious Freedom

  1. … both of whom are white. I would bet that the majority African-American Christian members might have a different opinion.

  2. This is only an issue because the Catholic agency is receiving federal dollars. They’re free to do whatever they want as long as they don’t take government money. The church should be proud to trust God to provide when they stand on principle.

    • Normally, that would be true. They are saying in other articles that the city council ordinance would apply to their hiring practices, however–including those whose jobs are not explicitly “religious,” such as secretaries, janitors, etc.

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